Budget Clothing

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Budget fashion will be the way forward for sure, so let's  keep aside our several dark doubts and move forward to what can be done. This is where smart shoppings takes place and as well we need not Fret as in the run of shopping definitely. It's all upon us how we turn an Outfit into a Look or we choose to look sloppy. Whether it be by layering it with accessories or the right kinda makeup covering day to night look or our hairdo and not to forget the correct attitude and confidence to carry the look which is must enhance any outfit. The hack is very simple what to Do When You Have Nothing to Wear. It happens to all waking up to a  morning, scrambling to the closet and realizing all of a sudden that "I have nothing to wear!" Whether it be for a Monday work or for an occasion or to party and you don't have time to shop or when you are running out of cash.  What we do is we manage, yes manage out of whatever we have because when we think all our clothes suck, sometimes all it takes is a quick browse through them again. No one inspires us better than yourself and the ones we inspire or follow. Keeping that in mind I took this black coordinate set of mine which I styled in three different looks.
  1. The all black Coordinate set-  Everybody is fond of black outfits. Am personally one of those people who has a hard time finding summer specific clothes because my wardrobe is so much of black.Whether it be summer or winter the one who loves to wear black never take their hands off over it. Trust me styling black in summer and beating the seasonal heat in the process is possible and not hard enough to not figure it out, all that matters is the fabric actually to some extent. Getting back to my look I have teamed this all black coordinate set with the white pair of sneaker, it's a basic wardrobe thing which all carries so it would be a must easy look for anyone to carry. This look can be carried for a day to night time. To complete the look I have detailed & added the outfit with a bag and am all set to rock my day brunch tonight plans.

DSC04415 2. The layering of the pant from the coordinate set with a fine crop top of your choice. Crop tops are soon since so long and every one of us carrying it in our wardrobe is so predictable, being brave enough to bare some skin this summer with crop tops is a no task for all nowadays whether we talk about bracelets, bandeaus, crop t-shirts, boxy tops and tailored ones of types of crop tops. I then dressed down my halter neck black crop top with a  button-up shirt to give it a chic look and a gold neckpiece accessory giving it a more glamour look to carry it for a night out mostly. You know there are few wardrobe essentials that we lean on of which the humble white shirt is a must fashion essential. We can button a white shirt up to the collar for a smart look or leave the first few buttons undone for more casual days.We can tuck it in or leave it loose or whatever depending on our mood.Essentially, the white is a game changer.Trends come and go, but the versatility of the classic white button-up is perpetual. Its all upon us how we style our shirt for the office to a night out or to a weekend stroll.  For the footwear take out your best heels of your choice and walk it on.
edited 3. The upper top of the coordinate set with denim shorts-  Ah Denim where would we be without you. Any summer wardrobe is incomplete without shorts, due to their practical nature and ease of styling. Over the years a love for denim has only grown and even more so for shorts in summers. All shorts are ultimately meant to be comfortable and casual, providing us with freedom of movement and keeping us cool and providing a stretcher and more fitted, relaxed feel than under materials of shorts. Whereas a denim short is equivalent keeping us cool, comfortable, and looking crisps all day long. Never be caught without something to wear again with an infinitely easier denim shorts, team it up with anything no one shall care. Its all about how we put a whole look together because at the end of the day it's all about how we styled it.  The denim shorts with the blacktop am caring with is a totally casual and basic look to be easily carried by all of us. Pairing it with any of our comfy favorite shoes, sunglasses to save us from the sunkissed moments and lastly, we are incomplete without our bag, the magic bag which holds and carries all our other essential goods or items.
         And hence that's how we can make an outfit to be turned into a look with whatever that we individual carry in our wardrobe to the outfits that inspire us and others.  A little styling is never put pf the box. And with little items, a wider change in outfits can be made.

<DSC04503  Wardrobe essentials every woman must have or I wonder how possibly we have them hanging in our closet already.
 -The perfect white tee, a button-up shirt, a chic LBD,  a eye-catching heel, white sneaker, a statement necklace, denims considering a  jeans, shorts and a jacket of it, a classic black blazer, a structured bag for everyday, formal pants , a trench or any choice of a cover-up wear, a strapless bra, a knee length skirt and lastly a pair of gold ankle boots.
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At 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro

Friday, 15 September 2017

DSC07823 DSC07864DSC07905
Never been a huge watch person but yes collecting time pieces was surely me, though I wear them or not. Because there is always time for something new. This classic black Sheffield timepiece in Rose God which am wearing is something that can be worn anytime. This classic piece is totally my style, its dainty but bold and I love the Black. And the Classic cuff is just like the cherry on top. No extra jewelry or accessory shall be needed to add up, how good is that isn't it. Don't forget to check out Danielwellington collections and such awesome time pieces. They are celebrating 15% off storewide so simply hit the website and use my coupon code "CHAYANIKA" on every watch.( valid until 15th October, 17.
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Monday, 7 August 2017

Replace the old school look of hardcore ethnic wardrobe collections and switch it by taking inspirations from the trendier wears whether it is from tapestry techniques to contemporary fabrics with color blocked and other layered looks. Buckle up and let's take this season on a fashionable ride. A combo of Indo- western or a mix match can never go wrong, all you need to do is to carry it well. It's not mandatory to follow what others follow or what has been following up. So wander off, don't be afraid to be yourself and follow a path that may describe you to be yourself.
The Indo- western look that is carrying in this look is my personal favorite. Cold shoulder and off shoulders are so in and it suits everyone. So here I am wearing this cold shoulder crop top with a detailed embroidery on the front. And for the bottoms wearing this, so comfy both side slit maxi skirt. Yes, yet another a mix match coordinate set. For more such awesome pieces don't forget to check out Maxfashion.
And use the referral code MAXCH300 and get Rs 300 off on 1st shopping of Rs 1499 & above. Offer shall be valid till 30Th September. So visit now to www.maxfashion.in 

Wearing all MAXFashion clothing, heel via Koovs
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Friday, 4 August 2017

The uncoordinated pieces made it a dream coordinated for me by my latest Max Fashion finds. Featuring their latest collection of Pre Autumn 2017 where you will find new trends like prairie trend with the whole new level of chicness and fragile florals, Peace Army, traditional takes whether it be mekhla chaddar, batik prints, sout qeaves like kasuti embroideries, the other trends like Glam Rock. Max fashion this season is all about capturing trends with upbeat styling consisting of suede lace up necklines, lace inserts, extra long fringes, flared sleeves to name a few. So here I'm wearing two batik pieces, the light weight indo- western kurta placket shirt or shrug and the flared palazzo that were a godsend, making it some of the key highlights of this season. It is fashionable, trendy and comfortable. A combination of words very rarely used together to describe just one piece of clothing. So buckle up and get ready to take this season on a fashionable ride. So everyone gets ready to enjoy the beautiful autumn skies, the wonderful weather with all the trendy pieces of this pre autumn season collection from Max. And use the referral code MAXCH300 and get Rs 300 off on 1st shopping of Rs 1499 & a bove. The offer shall be valid until 30Th September. So visit now to MaxFashion.com to use your coupon. And  stay tuned to know whats the next trend look I will be rocking with Max fashion items.

Wearing all MAXFashion clothing and bag, heel via Koovs
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Dress Over pants

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Well, I was still not ready to adopt this dress over pant style frankly speaking it. But finally I outcome with my hesitation and gave it a try. This look gave me both masculine and feminine contrast. Trust me this will cheer out our individuality of strongness if you know what I mean. I was shooting for a content for this new magazine based on my Northeast region of India with this look. That's when it clicked my head that I should share it on my blog over here as well.
Talking about the magazine, I wanted to share a news that is a part of it. I am writing the fashion part of it. The name of the magazine is Northeast Iconic Magazine. And happy to announce that the first edition of the magazine is finally out. The magazine is based on Lifestyle and Fashion. For now, the magazine is only based on Northeast India covering our seven states of Northeast. The first issue is free of cost so grab your copies for sure and reviews are welcomed.

Wearing-Koovs Dress(similar) and Top, DiY Jeans(similar 1,2,3), Pointed Boots(similar) via Jabong
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