Monday, 7 August 2017

Replace the old school look of hardcore ethnic wardrobe collections and switch it by taking inspirations from the trendier wears whether it is from tapestry techniques to contemporary fabrics with color blocked and other layered looks. Buckle up and let's take this season on a fashionable ride. A combo of Indo- western or a mix match can never go wrong, all you need to do is to carry it well. It's not mandatory to follow what others follow or what has been following up. So wander off, don't be afraid to be yourself and follow a path that may describe you to be yourself.
The Indo- western look that is carrying in this look is my personal favorite. Cold shoulder and off shoulders are so in and it suits everyone. So here I am wearing this cold shoulder crop top with a detailed embroidery on the front. And for the bottoms wearing this, so comfy both side slit maxi skirt. Yes, yet another a mix match coordinate set. For more such awesome pieces don't forget to check out Maxfashion.
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Wearing all MAXFashion clothing, heel via Koovs
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Friday, 4 August 2017

The uncoordinated pieces made it a dream coordinated for me by my latest Max Fashion finds. Featuring their latest collection of Pre Autumn 2017 where you will find new trends like prairie trend with the whole new level of chicness and fragile florals, Peace Army, traditional takes whether it be mekhla chaddar, batik prints, sout qeaves like kasuti embroideries, the other trends like Glam Rock. Max fashion this season is all about capturing trends with upbeat styling consisting of suede lace up necklines, lace inserts, extra long fringes, flared sleeves to name a few. So here I'm wearing two batik pieces, the light weight indo- western kurta placket shirt or shrug and the flared palazzo that were a godsend, making it some of the key highlights of this season. It is fashionable, trendy and comfortable. A combination of words very rarely used together to describe just one piece of clothing. So buckle up and get ready to take this season on a fashionable ride. So everyone gets ready to enjoy the beautiful autumn skies, the wonderful weather with all the trendy pieces of this pre autumn season collection from Max. And use the referral code MAXCH300 and get Rs 300 off on 1st shopping of Rs 1499 & a bove. The offer shall be valid until 30Th September. So visit now to to use your coupon. And  stay tuned to know whats the next trend look I will be rocking with Max fashion items.

Wearing all MAXFashion clothing and bag, heel via Koovs
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Dress Over pants

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Well, I was still not ready to adopt this dress over pant style frankly speaking it. But finally I outcome with my hesitation and gave it a try. This look gave me both masculine and feminine contrast. Trust me this will cheer out our individuality of strongness if you know what I mean. I was shooting for a content for this new magazine based on my Northeast region of India with this look. That's when it clicked my head that I should share it on my blog over here as well.
Talking about the magazine, I wanted to share a news that is a part of it. I am writing the fashion part of it. The name of the magazine is Northeast Iconic Magazine. And happy to announce that the first edition of the magazine is finally out. The magazine is based on Lifestyle and Fashion. For now, the magazine is only based on Northeast India covering our seven states of Northeast. The first issue is free of cost so grab your copies for sure and reviews are welcomed.

Wearing-Koovs Dress(similar) and Top, DiY Jeans(similar 1,2,3), Pointed Boots(similar) via Jabong
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Tinted Glasses

Thursday, 22 June 2017

IMG_4506 IMG_4490 IMG_4494 IMG_4499 IMG_4513
To enhance a casual look, tinted glasses are perfect to jazz up your look. This inspired look from the 70s has traced the surface yet again to give a comeback by telling us what's fashionable for decades now. The touch of this 70s classic retro style shade with your modern look outfit is most to complement you every way as its merely more than a fashion accessory.
 This bodysuit is essential for every wardrobe. The details on the neck make it more attractive, am quite like wearing it most everywhere. For more such awesome pieces surely check out SammyDresses. I bet you won't be disappointed. As well frayed denim are must for this summer so keep filling your wardrobes with it. 

Out of all the hurdles, something good happens surely, felt should be sharing about it. So am Happy to announce that I have been ranked under Top 100 Indian Fashion bloggers Via Feedspot Blog Reader.

Wearing -Sammy Dress Bodysuit, Koovs Denim, ASOS belt, River Island Heels, Local Shop Sunnies

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Tale of Timepiece

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Have you ever realized how important time is for us? It's precious we all are aware of it as well it must observe attentively over the duration of a happening or sequence events or the intervals between them. Many of us still don't have a habit of wearing a watch or some may dislike it, many of us use our cellphones to tell time but a timepiece is a must and having it is so much important. A timepiece is a part of our everyday dressing nowadays. It says a much about us and our personality along with enhancing our look. I personally believe without a time piece an outfit is incomplete for me it's like my accessory that goes with my each and every outfit as all. We might own many watches but are never satisfied and always ready to loosen our pants and wallets the same way as we buy our other accesories. A watch collection is far easier to maintain and less expensive as a hobby.
It is essential and must for both the gender people. Every man needs a good watch and every woman wants it. Good watches are a part of our daily uses. Talking about the men it's the kind of only accesorry they can wear everywere. Whereas ladies might have got their eyes on jewelerys mostly but many has got eyes on watches as well. A timepiece is a time keeping instrument for indicating the time for all. Different individual has got different personality as well different tastes for everything which differs him her from the others. Same way different people has got different tastes of watches. Fashionable timepieces have a great role to play in style status for the both the gender. It's the era of expensive timepieces and people use it as a fashion statement. Trust me watches are never out of style or it shall never be. The watch is making a return but not for only telling the time but as a status as well as a statement. Watches are convenient, functional and not to forget its a significant style of any individual and lastly it creates a relationship With Time which is must in todays busy world. Gues i have convinced you enough to say yes to it. Talking about for example a classic watch is a timeless piece to have in our collection. For all the watch addicts not to mention but Myntra has got your back, they have the perfect variety of options which won't late you be down. Wearing a watch has a positive effect on our attitude towards time and making us attentive to spend our 24 hours. Where men are fascinated by these devices that claim to mark and control time, the ladies never get bored to flaunt them up to all. Mentioning about some picks,  This White Analogue watch for women is a perfect design for any individual. Its versatile design is perfect with any outfit to carry. And for men, the Black analog watch shall be a perfect sharp accessory for your modern day to day life, stylish yet perfect for any man. For more, you should definitely waste no time, think about the good times and check out their site for more exclusively and eye-catching timepieces. And enjoy your each and every another sweeping movement with your precious timepieces because it's all about time and your watches. So don't waste your time and head to Myntra's site to checkout their watches and other classic watches as well.

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