Makeup Trends to Dominate in 2k17

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Makeup is something that makes us happy and confident as well prettier from inside. We, women, like and prefer wearing several forms of makeup also called as the cosmetics, that includes foundations, lipstick, liners, eye shadow, and so on to name a few.
Every individual prefer different assorted cosmetics and tools for themselves. Let's not enlarge it anymore and proceed towards the roots. So I would like to share my opinion over here about makeup trends to dominate in 2k17.
  1. One color makeup(monochromatic)- I feel this new year we need to stop the multi-use of makeup and stick for only one shade. It gives us a total tie up matching look, the pair and use of same one color for our cheeks, eyes, and lips.
  2. The natural way (nude look) - It looks so much prettier than making our face a paint palette. Mostly I just love the Nude Makeup Look, it is ideal for women with sharp features, makeup on the right places, you can really nail the look that too totals effortlessly.
  3. The grungy black sparkle look or so on- Just like an artist to her canvas it is. No matter how good or great we dress up our makeup will be the one thing other than our clothes. The grunge- glitter look is something that becomes notable for their uniqueness, colors and combos like black & copper, brown & dark brown, velvet, and shimmers, etc.
  4. Glitter lips and bold graphic sharp eye lines- In the sparkle-loaded lips and sharp beautiful eyes, the models rocked it in Milan for the Fendi's SS17 show. Excitedly looking forward to such a great dreamy and eye-catching combo the coming year of 2017.
  5. Red lips- One and only statement red lips with minimal makeup quite like a no makeup will always be effortlessly great to put on. It's a totally classy and wearable look anyone can carry and be the beauty to any game.
  6. Ombre eyes - Let's face it bro is everywhere. So this year's biggest fads might be the Ombre effect as well. It's been a huge trend so far and surely to go on. Ombre refers to the graduation of color from darker to lighter like Purple and gold, sage green and gold and whatever you prefer to put.
  7. The eyelashes game- Eyelashes are as important as other accessories like bags, heels, as of the glam that lashes can add to our face. Keeping the full focus on the lashes whether be it the clumpy lashes, long and short lashes and the different fake ones.
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Photos by Kangkan Rabha


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