Wednesday, 12 August 2015

From Long long long time I'm kind of getting off and nervous from Inside to outside. I I haven't understood why and What's running in to my mind or heart.The Days, Months and Year are passing but I'm feeling and thinking like I haven't achieve anything yet that I wanted not only about blogging I'm actually talking about My daily life and slowly but all my hopes are going into negative ways. Sometimes I wish I can see the future but again I feel it just going to make it more like failure with out trying my best.
My Grand father always use to say that Hope is nothing but makes every person really lazy to do Nothing and Just living in the hope is never going to work unless you know how to do really Magic. I feel same way too that Hard work is going to shine one day maybe sometime it takes long time but again it's Definitely going to Work. And Actually I do believe in hopes as well but in way of inspiration to work hard. And If someone know how to do real magic then I will definitely Love to know and your really really Lucky.

And While ago I posted this picture of Sandals on my Facebook page and Instagram. And so many of you have been keep asking me where I have got them so they are from a website call Street style store and Definitely check their site for Amazing Foot wears.

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