Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Truly Nothing to do!! I have always done what I love but I feel nothing is going to paid off or actually not working and I'm really losing my hopes. Life always changes we all know so fast I never knew but all because of us so I always remember that and it means what ever happens to us we should not loose hope and always be happy from outside to inside and most important that never hope so much like me that in the end you are getting more pain. So I decided I need a break. And if you don't know I'm so shameless that my exams are coming I should start studying but as always social butterfly kind of things is still going on me with my mix match emotions on my head .Maybe I will be silent here hope you will understand and please don't forgot me because no matter what happen I am surely going to return.

 Wearing skirt as dress:New Look // Kimono style Shrug:DressBerry(Full Editorial post here)

Photos by Kangkan Rabha 
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