Sunday, 7 June 2015

Everyone is trying to fly and sometimes I doubt at myself like everyone can I do it or not because life is getting so hard day by day if you think of it or maybe not . I know doing what you love is really important and Maybe That's what I'm doing every time. People ask me always about blogging so I said When it comes to my blogging life I find my blog is like SD Card where I come to put my love of life.
 I hope you got something what I wanted to say but If not theirs always a another time and before I get Switch off lets talk about my outfit as you may know I love maxi dress they are perfect things to go on and about this one is really soft quality so you can say perfect summer and I love the detailing of its neck. I feel also that this dress is so effortless that makes you Amazing when you try on.

Dress:Mango //

Photos and Editing by Kangkan Rabha
Creative Direction, Styling by Yours truly

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