Friday, 17 April 2015

Yes!! Something new So I recently help and style My friend for a shoot. I can just tell you guys this much for now anyways let me tell you that I'm not a expert about men's style. 
I'm always so much jealous of all men that one trend women's even wear but can't pull like them is Suit even if the girl is so much fashion forward but A man with a suit is always going to be Rock. So every male viewers definitely invest in good suit and be awesome.
Let's talk about the shoot now it was fun to work but I was more like assistant or spot girl(Ehh)and yea We had to face the light problem so much because of wrong timing but all goes fine when we keep changing our spot for hundreds time(not kidding).

PHOTOGRAPHY // Kangkan Rabha
STYLING & MAKE-UP  // Chayanika Rabha
MODEL // Siddharth Boro

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