Friday, 24 April 2015

Shame on me That I never Talk about LBD(Of course Little black dress) so it's time now. When it comes to LBD I always prefer really Basic that's timeless and you will never be bored of it. As everyone says LBD is a must for any girl, yes it's true if you have to believe it. Really black dress can never go out of trends and yea even now we get to see it in runways. I have seen every girl can carry it plus they goes with any styles of your. 
I styled my LBD really Simple way that looks always awesome if you don't know but your LBD has own beauty beside of yours.When it comes to accessorizing I love to keep it minimal but i added a pop up green bag to get some eye catch and also black & gold are like a best friends so I kept it on mind while choosing my heel. As I told you every LBD has own beauty and this own has Cool finessing to stand out for itself. Again if you haven't not invest in LBD go now dear. 

Dress:Zachi store // Heel:New Look // Bag:Done by None

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