Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Coat:Daisy Street // Skirt:Koovs // Top:Zachistore // Shoe:Zara
Love at first side, it never happened to me but it happened last week really not kidding I'm seriously bored with myself but I can't manage to get bore with this top it is so timeless & perfect for any events for me that I have been attending this days maybe people started noticing that I don't have clothes but really I'm getting lack of  tops, do need to find some cool top like this and if you have some good shopping site please comment below.

So I styled with same timeless kind of  piece my pencil skirt uff this pencil skirts when it was new I was so in this trend because it  shows my curves but one thing i dont like is that it makes me look shorter like big ball so I always prefer to choose pointed shoes which gives me fake illusion heights and am all set to rock my look or I am ready go! And Ok Thanks for reading.

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