Sunday, 22 March 2015

The theories of life can be explained well with colours.It suits every mood, every emotion, every good and worst feeling your going through. I dedicate this post to my mix match feelings of emotions that am going through or i am passing through in  every ups and down moments of my good and bad life am living with. In other words like the differences between the fact or fiction, the Dos and Don'ts, light on dark. We are not born strong but our life and its problems let us decide what we choose for ourselves, the weaker we or the stronger me. Everyone notices how colors can mean very different things- it is not that the colors themselves have meaning but it is that we have culturally assigned meanings to them. Am someone who always wants to be the reason that someone says that- i brought colors to there life and trust me i work too hard every possible way  to get to hear that, to be helpful to someone, to be the reason for  their smile and i don't feel i should be called selfish if in return i just seek for their friendship, love or affection.
The colour BLACK  stands for power, depression, night, sophistication, dark, death, etc whereas WHITE stands for peace, cleanliness, purity etc. Am a black lover that does not mean i hate other colors or that you should judge me according to it, who does not love colors or a happy bright atmosphere. Darker and more intense colours seem heavier whereas lighter colours seem, unsurprisingly, lighter. Though every individual has got different views and experiences with the colors.As well with colours I love to express myself and my emotions through writing. Every lifestyle post i come up with means that am emotionally disturbed or am suffering or going through some pain or ups and down with my personal life and that is how i expressed in words about my experiences

Look:Fabally Floret Bustier Crop top // Thrifted shorts 
Look:Forever21 Crop top // Elwa Flannel(Bangkok)
Look:Jabong Kimono // Vero Moda Black top(old) // DIY old Jeans

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