Monday, 10 November 2014

       I posted a photo a while ago on my Instagram profile that it will be coming up soon on my blog so here it is. I'm sorry for the delay, there were some problems for which i couldn't post it. if you ask me the reason why my post was pending and i had to answer you guys, you'd laugh at me cause i'm a big fool.YES I AM. I forget things all the time.i'm so sorry for my stupidity. I am really . anyway, coming back to describing my post, I hope you like how i styled my Indian circus bag. and do check the there website if you love colors a much as i do and not afraid to play with them. for those who are not into colors much, you are going to love the different varieties of colors and shades. don't be afraid playing with colors. it's beautiful. can you imagine life without colors?

Bag: India circus // Blazer: Bangkok // White Tee: Mango // Jogger: Dorothy Perkins // Sandal: River island

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