Thursday, 24 July 2014

 Ladies how beautiful it would have been don't you think if we were blessed with full knowledge of fashion. No regrets because day by day we are turning luckier in matter of fashion.  Knowledge is power...Knowledge is strength.How beautiful the phrase is that teaches us to share and acquire knowledge.
      Be your best..wear your best; thats what i prefer and thats what i feel about PRECIOUS MELOVE. And if some of you are not aware about it.. well its a clothing site with reasonable prices that fits your pocket. This site deals with self designed clothing, shoes and beautiful ascessories as well from vintage to high street fashion. Its a perfect happy clothing store with beautiful clothes you admire.
 Its a trustworthy store you can always relay on, even i prefer it. I bet you will love their incredible collections and trust me you wont be able to underestimate their fabulous  works. Even their staff members and connections with their customers are very friendly and enjoyable. I enjoy shopping in their online page  store a lot.  SO SHOP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

What I’m Wearing ???
Dress:Precious Melove
Floral Crown:Thrifted
Earrings:F21 via Precious Melove
Shoe:Done by None

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